Droidcon Event Programme – Published!


We just published the Event Programme. Congrats to all the selected speakers! We’re super excited about your sessions and cant wait for Friday!

The Event Programme brings together the glitterati of the Android ecosystem for the first time ever in India. It’s a truly unique opportunity to listen to speakers from Google, CyanogenMod, Robosoft, Texas Instruments, Flurry and several others cover a range of topics catering to beginners, intermediate and advanced Android enthusiasts. In addition to the Keynote session on the vision for Android and a special dive into the newest features of the recently released Ice Cream Sandwich, Google is hosting a special 2-hour hands on Codelab on Honeycomb.

Whether you are a core hacker, UI developer, marketing wiz, gadget freak, enterprise consultant, game developer, or a total Android newbie, there’s something for you at Droidcon.

Our thanks to everyone who submitted session proposals via the HasGeek Funnel, and to all those who took the time out to vote for their preferred sessions. Almost all the submissions were very good, and the process of selection was incredibly difficult. Confirmed speakers get free tickets to the event. If your proposal wasn’t confirmed, please accept our regrets. We’d like to offer our appreciation by providing you an early bird ticket price. Look out for details via email.

Our special thanks to all the Program Committee members for their hard work over the last month reviewing the 80+ session proposals, collating both community and committee feedback, assisting the speakers with tuning their content, and drawing up the final schedule. Our thanks as well to all the volunteers who have put in time above and beyond to their day jobs working nights and weekends to help prep for the event.


Aravind Krishnaswamy
Program Chair, Droidcon

Posted by Aravind Krishnaswamy on November 15th, 2011