Droidcon India in support of Datri

Droidcon India is supporting Datri world in its campaign to find a compatible bone marrow donor for Amit Gupta.
You probably haven’t heard of him, but Amit is well-known techie and entrepreneur who has touched the lives of thousands of people. We’re hoping maybe you can touch his.He has leukemia. If he can’t find a marrow donor soon, he will die.  He is ethnically Indian, so his best genetic match will probably come from an Indian donor.

Because of the shortage of willing Indian donors in the marrow registry, his odds of finding a donor are about 1 in 20,000.  But this isn’t just about Amit, it’s about the entire Indian community which faces these odds when cancer or a fatal blood disease hits a family.  We need to improve the odds for every Indian here and around the world.

Droidcon India will host a booth at the venue where you can check if you are match: All you need to do is swab the inside of your mouth and submit it.

* It’s just like brushing your teeth.
* Most modern day donations occur via PBSC, a procedure similar to donating blood.  All you have to do is sit there.

Saving a life has never been so easy.

Time is REALLY short. He has until November 30.  Please help us save Amit’s life.


Posted by Francesca Recchia on November 15th, 2011