Droidcon Participants say: “I am here because… “

Bhargavi - I am here because I work for a phone company developing apps on Ice cream Sandwich and Android implementation in robotics.

Brij - I am here to meet new people and to get to know more of the Android community. I have a little start up in the same field of android development.

Ajay – I just finished Electronic Engineering. I expect to learn a little bit more about Android, since it is quite a big thing nowadays. Since my background is in Electronic Engineering, I am here to learn more about the technical side of things.

Das – I have switched to android a few months back. I am here to understand not just technical side but also the community. I was very excited after Kiran’s tweet about this possible conference and registered within the first few hours. I find it amazing that everyone here is in their late 20s or early 30s. I feel like I am the oldest person here. Banglore is the city of ‘IT coolies’. The enthusiasm amongst the audience is really amazing.

Srinath – I am to understand not only about technology but also about android development community. I also want to know what google really is thinking and what google’s roadmap is as far as Android is concerned. 

Teja – I am here to learn Android porting and services and also development for ice cream sandwich. That’s why I am here. I found some of the lectures very interesting.


Thejash – I am here to meet new people in the world of Android and to chill!

Vineeta – This is the first of such kind of Android meet ups in India, so I am really excited to be here. I wanted updates about what is happening with the Android. The topics in the conference so far have been very interesting.

Prabhakar – I am here because I want to start development on Android. I was very impressed by the use of multimedia and sensors in the mobile industry and how it can be used in the gaming development. The energy here is fantastic.




Posted by Francesca Recchia on November 19th, 2011