By Developers, For Developers

Sessions are for 45 minutes each (30 speaking, 5 Q&A, 10 transition). We will have three parallel tracks over two days, with 7 sessions per track per day.

Day 1 – Friday, Nov 18th 2011

Time Speaker Session
8:30 Registrations and Sign Up
9:50 Welcome
10:00 Diogo Ferreira Keynote: Meet CyanogenMod (Beginner)
10:45 Break
11:00 James Hugman Making Cross Platform Apps that Suck Less (Intermediate)
11:00 Soham Mondal Android UI design secrets: How to go from just-okay to wow! (Beginner)
11:00 Chinmay V S Sensors on Android (Intermediate)
11:45 Partner Introductions
11:45 Rajdeep Dua Honeycomb Codelab – Part I (Intermediate)
11:45 Alexy Joseph Android multimedia internals (Intermediate)
12:30 Lunch
1:45 Shree Kumar Android Service Patterns (Intermediate)
1:45 Rajdeep Dua Honeycomb Codelab – Part II (Intermediate)
1:45 Naga Chokkanathan Pricing models for android enterprise applications (Intermediate)
2:30 Kashif Razzaqui Hard Earned Android Programming Experiences (Intermediate)
2:30 Leena S N and Vaidhyanathan B Continuous Delivery for an Android application (Beginner)
2:30 Vipul A M Cloud to Device Messaging (Intermediate)
3:15 Break
3:45 Aakrit Vaish Demystifying Mobile Advertising (Beginner)
3:45 Amrit Sanjeev New features in Android 4.0 ( IceCream Sandwich) (Intermediate)
3:45 S M Khasim Android memory optimization techniques (Intermediate)
4:30 Paramvir Singh Enterprise application development, device administration API (Intermediate)
4:30 Devi Prasad Close To Metal Programming with Native Development Kit (Advanced)
4:30 Various App Demos (Beginner)
5:15 Anand Virani Mobile Computing: The Next Growth Wave (Beginner)
6:00 End of Sessions
6:45 Dinner & Social Party at Counter Culture


Day 2 – Saturday, Nov 19th 2011

Time Speaker Session
8:45 Registration and Sign Up
10:00 Keynote: Wildcard Speaker
10:45 Break
11:00 Malavika Jayaraman IPR a.k.a. (“Who let the lawyer in the room?”) (Advanced)
11:00 Aditya Shankar An Android App – a Deconstruction (Intermediate)
11:00 Tamillharasan Chandran and Krishnaprasad R Introduction to OpenGL in Android (Beginner)
11:45 Kingsley Joseph Infusing Android with Social – Demo & Design Patterns (Intermediate)
11:45 Vivek Juneja Humanize the Android (Intermediate)
11:45 Anurag Dwivedi & Pradeep Warrier Technical challenges of designing mobile applications in an environment of limited connectivity (Intermediate)
12:30 Lunch
1:45 Anirudh Dewani ICS: Communication, Connectivity and Camera (Intermediate)
1:45 Primal Pappachan Indoor Location Tagging Engine. (Intermediate)
1:45 Shree Kumar & Nitheesh K.L. Extending Android with New Devices (Intermediate)
2:30 Ravi Vyas Creating apps that work on all screen sizes (Intermediate)
2:30 Diogo Ferreira From stock to Cyanogenmod: The Sony Ericsson Case (Advanced)
2:30 Ayushman Jain Developing HTML5 and hybrid Android apps using Phonegap (Beginner)
3:15 Break
3:45 S M Khasim Android Products Made Easy with Texas Instruments Technology (Beginner)
3:45 Narayan Babu ListViews, custom controls and memory optimized applications. (Intermediate)
3:45 Gaurav Kheterpal Android Development Made Easy With Appcelerator Titanium (Intermediate)
4:30 Sudar Muthu Making robots using Android and Arduino (Intermediate)
4:30 Prashant Hinduja Smartphone Platform Frameworks – Learning, Similarities and Differences (comparing Android Frameworks with other platforms) (Intermediate)
4:30 Amit Pundir Android porting for dummies. (Beginner)
5:15 Closing Notes
5:45 End of Sessions

A – Auditorium
H – Hall
R – Room