Sponsor: CopperSpiral RFID

The Droidcon India team is happy to welcome CopperSpiral RFID as a Silver sponsor for 2011.

CopperSpiral RFID is India’s leading RFID and NFC provider for retail, loyalty cards, laptop & asset tracking, people management and manufacturing. CopperSpiral’s professional and credible solutions provide fast ROI and innovative products to your company. Learn more about CopperSpiral RFID at copperspiralrfid.com and visit their RFID/NFC store at shop.copperspiralrfid.com.

CopperSpiral is making Droidcon an NFC zone. All participants will get an NFC card in their badge and the venue will have interaction points around the place.

Posted by Kiran Jonnalagadda on November 12th, 2011