Droidcon is a two day international conference that's all about Android. It brings together luminaries from all aspects of the Android ecosystem - solo app developers, visual and interaction designers, software startups, enterprise software leaders, robotics and arduino wizards, kernel and ROM hackers, OEMs and platform providers, and technology enthusiasts. This years event follows the same format as last year's hugely successful conference that involved speakers from Google, Cyanogenmod, Robosoft, Future Platforms, Texas Instruments and other ecosystem players.

Community Conference

Droidcon is a HasGeek conference that's run by the Android community for the Android community. Speakers are selected via a community driven voting process and also curated by a Program Committee that consists of experts with several years of experience in the mobile space.

As a community event, we welcome participation and assistance. If you'd like to propose a topic to speak about, please visit the HasGeek Funnel: funnel.hasgeek.com/droidcon2012. If you'd like to be a part of helping out as a volunteer during the event, please contact zainab@hasgeek.com.


Droidcon 2012 is happening on Nov 2nd and 3rd at the MLR Convention Center, Whitefield in Bangalore. This years topics include:

App Demos: A series of 'show & tell' stories from Android app developers, who demo their apps and then dive into specific challenges they faced and how they overcame them. Look out for rare nuggets of wisdom from those who've been there and done that.

Workshops: Informal classroom style hands on training with specific objectives and takeaways. Bring your laptop with the latest SDK & learn how to build easy animations, use listviews effectively, work with WebViews and more.

Platforms, Tools & Libraries: Quit blaming your tools & come see what everyone else is using to their advantage. Gain insights into usage of the latest and most popular platforms, tools & libraries, including cross-platform libraries like PhoneGap, Titanium Appcelerator, Kirin, Sencha & more.

Specialized Topics: Watch people who've taken Android to new limits - using sensors, robots, cars & in your TV.