This is so exciting! Droidcon is on and its quite a rush at the registration desks. Everyone is comfy with the venue and many are already making new droid friends. It is heart warming to know that people have actually flown in from various parts of the country including Delhi and Pune just for the event.

We have been talking to some of the participants and they shared their feelings and expectations on being here.

It was Shashi Kant and Harvinder who had flown in from Delhi for the event. Already excited at being here, they are looking forward to the talks and meeting fellow developers.

Ajay Sharma, who is enthusiastic about game development, said that he was interested in the minute details of development that people usually tend to overlook. Going through a few of the proposed sessions, he realized that this was the place to be and is eagerly waiting to get the day started. He even showed us his schedule where he had already thought out and made plans for which all talks he was going to attend! I'm sure we'll find only a handful who have come that much prepared.

The HasGeek crew including all the volunteers, are all over the place, getting the venue into shape and busy making sure that it is going to be a wonderful experience for the attendees.

Taking to Chandravadan and Ragvendra, we were reassured that Droidcon was not only just about writing software for Android phones, but it was also about making good friends. It seems that these two jovial folks met in the bus and the term "Droidcon" was all that they needed to start up an interesting chat. They were sitting together after registrations trying to figure out which all talks they wanted to attend. They found most of the talks to be interesting and were a bit confused about whether to attend James hugman's talk on The state of web AND native in 2012 or Yashwanth Kumar's talk on DelightCircle. Hope they've figured it out!

Udai Kiran, who was pretty new to the area of Android development, said that he was really looking forward to the talk on Stealing a droid app + data in daytime by Akash Mahajan. Excited to be here, he is looking forward to hanging out as well as attending the talks.

Nishant, who has flown in from Pune was interested in meeting enthusiastic developers, which he is sure to find among the crowd here.

People have their times in life where they switch between management and coding. Prabash Takur is one among them who has gone over to management recently. However, his love for code still remains and image processing is his area of interest and as such, is looking forward to the talk on OpenCV image processing by Wingston Sharon. He expressed his amazement at not having known about HasGeek any sooner and was happy that he got to know about Droidcon from his friend before it was too late.

Well, it seems the folks are all set and ready for the day ahead. Let the show begin!