Just an afternoon more to go before Droidcon 2012 comes to an end. The participants are enjoying themselves and busy making the most out of their time here. We have been talking to a few about how it has been till now as well as what they would like to see in Droidcon 2013. Here are a few of the thoughts that they shared.

Ruchir, who has been a Linux developer in the past, was interested in understanding accessibility features in Android phones and also about backend development. Even though we had many core development talks this time, it seems his appetite for those was not satisfied.

Shreyas, Raghotham and Nischal are enjoying themselves. It seems they found the talks so interesting that they wanted the sessions to last longer than just 30 minutes. They found the session on Kinect and Android by Allen Thomas Varghese and the one on using websockets to control robots in real time by Sudhar Muthu to be extremely interesting. Soham's crash course on Android development had reached out to many of the participants and these three were among them. Upon being asked what they would like to see in Droidcon 2013, they said in one breath, "Bring on the goodies!".

Sushma and Shubha were much impressed by Sudhar Muthu's talk on Robotics. They also found Isaac Wesley's talk on Constructive design for Android equally interesting. Extremely interested in coding, they wish for more hands on sessions where they can sit and hack it out. Hey team, we should really make sure these two get to know about our Hacknights!

News, twitter, word of mouth, mailing lists, event notices - seems just not enough as far as Amit Chatterjee was concerned. "I want to know of these events, so reach out to me!". Enthusiastic about tech events and always looking to hang out with fellow developers, he was glad that he came to know about Droidcon at least at the last moment. We promise to reach out to the geeks there and for any among who is wondering right now how to know of HasGeek events, sign up to be notified of our events.

While Ashwan was walking around talking to the participants, he happened to meet god (aka Kingsly) and a certain lady by the name of Francesca, on his way. Before even getting a chance to greet them, Kingsley jumped in, "The event is awesome! Party on dude!". Francesca followed up, "Internet is awesome! Internet guy is awesome!".

In case some among you might be wondering, Kingsley is our man behind the Internet here at the venue and Francesca is co-ordinating everyone, telling us what needs to be done. So if the Internet is good for you guys, thank god.

Krishnan was one among those who wanted to sit and hack at something, and as such was expecting more hands-on sessions. He loved Isaac's session on design for Android and is eagerly looking forward to the developers sharing their experiences with the crowd.

The end's in sight for this year folks! Get ready, for Droidcon 2012 is going to end with a bang!