One of the things that makes Android such a fantastic platform is that developers get deep access to all areas of the phone. An excellent example of what you can do with this, see Atooma, an app that provides if/then functionality for anything that happens on your phone. Want your phone to read out SMSes to you when you're driving? With Atooma, you can have your phone watch your speed and read out messages if you are moving faster than a walking pace. Or you can cross-post SMSes to Twitter, or make the phone automatically go silent when you're in a multiplex.

We asked the Atooma folks to join us for a Twitter hashtag chat. It's on for tomorrow, October 31, at 2:30 PM. To join, simply follow the #droidcon tag on Twitter and tweet with #droidcon to ask questions. Atooma's CTO Fabrizio Cialdea and his team will answer your questions. Follow them on Twitter @Atooma_Team and save the date to your calendar.