These are notes from an incredibly productive closing session at Droidcon 2012 where we welcomed feedback towards the planning of 2013.

Nearly 150 participants stayed on until nearly 7PM(!) and offered great ideas. We've categoried them in order of priority (P1 highest) based on a show of hands at the event.

First, a quick announcement: Droidcon 2013 is going to be a 3 day session! It's going to happen at the end of November 2013.

Ideas for 2013

  • (P1)   Put out early guidelines on what beginner/intermediate/advanced mean so that speakers can be more consistent in classifying their sessions, and attendees can gauge their interest levels
  • (P1)   More advanced sessions that cover system level topics - consider a systems oriented track
  • (P1)   Several developers build both iOS and Android apps - there is interest in cross platform, but not just HTML5, but core/native approaches & design for each platform.
  • (P1)   Foster more informal offline discussions with some structure, while reducing structure and formal steps around the main tracks
    • Bulletin Board with post-its to connect ('startups', 'looking for a tech co-founder')
    • Get to know who else is attending (attendees register on
    • Speakers can indicate where they will be for follow o n discussions - for instance, a lounge table # in the Speaker Lounge
    • Stickers for name tags - indicate UX, Systems, VCs, etc
  • (P2)   Consider running one track barcamp style
  • (P3)   Consider having an informal hacknight on the 1st/2nd night of the event
  • (P1)   Communication can be improved & made available earlier
    • A newly designed Android app is being designed and built by @lut4rp, he is da man.
    • The whole mechanics of how the event websites are being has been revamped, and next years site should be up well in advance
  • (P3) Consider gamification of the NFC interactions
    • possible WiFi constraints?
  • (P2) Speaker Prizes/Recognition? Is that the right incentive? Can we judge parallel track sessions effectively?

Misc Feedback

  • Overall quality of content was good
  • More app ideas + app jam sessions
  • Casual hallway discussions & networking was good
  • Everyone feet welcome
  • 30 minutes - worked well, pushed speakers to be more effective and efficient.
    • Some speakers may need to submit 2 sessions or a workshop if they have more content.
    • Speakers who finished in 10-15 minutes may need to work on pacing themselves.

Logistics & Infra

  • Need a better mobile projectors

Once more, a special thanks to the members of the Program Committee, all of whom are from the community and took time out of their day jobs.

  • Aravind Krishnaswamy - Program Chair (@twitortat)
  • Amrit Sanjeev - Assistant Chair (@amsanjeev)
  • Soham Mondal (@s0ham)
  • Kingsley Joseph (@kingsley2)

A special thanks to all the volunteers for all their hard work behind the scenes. And this event wouldnt have been possible without our awesome sponsors!

Thanks everyone for all the support & feedback. Lets hope the Mayans were wrong, and we'll regroup again next year.  Comments are yet to be built into this site - meanwhile send ideas to Kiran (@jackerhack) and Arvi (@twitortat).