Android and IoT workshop

Rupam Das

Rupam is the founder and CEO of Integrated Ideas, Gulbarga. Integrated Ideas is a research and rapid prototyping company.


The objective of the session would be to walk through developers with Nitty Gritty of Android in Internet of Things. Internet of things integrates smart devices to cloud. Mobiles are preferred medium of Data visualization, notification and controlling. Android provides great deal of sensor support along with APIs for easy cloud integration. Therefore I would want to introduce architecture of IoT with Android with Intel Edison boards. How one can perform Home Automation, Survielance, Biometric, Sensor data analytics and beyond with Android would be aspects that I want to cover.
At the end of workshop, attendees must be able to get started with IoT with Android and should be able to design Control, Messaging, Data visualization with Android. I would particularly focus on open source technologies like MQTT, Java Scripts, Node Red, Web Services and Bluetooth.


I should be able to provide 6 hardware Connected IoT devices. Connected with essential peripheral hardware ( Relay, Sensors, WiFi, Bluetooth)

Attendees can focus on Android side communication ( We call the Client integration). So following devices will be desirable

1) Android Phone ( 4.0 and Above)
2) Laptop ( Preferrably 64 bit)
3) Android Studio

  • December 14, 2015
  • 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM
  •   The Energy and Research Institute (TERI), Bangalore
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  • Rs. 3000

Workshop Schedule

Workshop Venue

The Energy and Research Institute (TERI)

4th Main Rd, Domlur II Stage,
Domlur, Bangalore,
Karnataka 560008, India